Organisational design for knowledge-based workplaces

If your organisation exists under managerial practices and the mindset of the Industrial Revolution era, then it just can’t compete in solving more complex problems of the digital era. »

How to structure Email logic in a Phoenix codebase

This is your one-stop guide for structuring email-related logic in Phoenix projects. »

Code is a commodity

The economy of scale, a cherished dream of all digital entrepreneurs, is not about scaling code as much as an art gallery is not about multiplying holes in the walls. »

How to connect to Lightning Network with Elixir

Walkthrough the local Lighting Network development environment set up using Polar, LND, and gRPC for the Elixir devs. »

An application model should communicate meaning

As developers, we can achieve mental clarity and enable our professional growth through building meaningful models with our code. Build abstractions that speak on a higher level than implementation details and make your team a bit happier! »